RC LIPO Battery Packs

Lithium polymer batteries are usually composed of many identical secondary cells running parallel in addition meant to discharge electric capability.  This battery pack is advantageous for use because of its lower cost manufacturing and it is strong enough to handle any physical damage.

RC LIPO Battery Packs

It is the well known fact that any motor that needs to be operated should have a set of controllers with the required battery pack. When choosing a battery pack, one comes across many batteries from various manufacturers.  Careful attention should be given to choose the right one.

Lipo batteries are well known in the market these days particularly for electric RC Helicopters and Airplanes as they are able to store far more power in a smaller footprint and have made it affordable to the casual hobbiest to try flight for the first time. There are three factors with this battery that one should notice.  The energy density of the Lipo is equivalent to the prevailing nickel packs.  The weight is also the same, but the only difference is the flight time when using the Lipo battery is doubled.

If you have a day with half a dozen flights it can be achieved with just two lipo packs rather than 5 re-charges of the old Nickel pack.  This surely saves you a lot of time as well as money.

Another versatile feature of the Lipo battery pack is that you can charge it well in advance to avoid a last minute rush.  It has the capacity to retain the charge for many days @ 1.5% per day.  You need not carry the charger along with you which would make your trip burdensome.

The difference with the Lipo cell and other cells is, since the material used is polymer, pressure from external sources is not needed because the separator sheets and electrode laminated on each other, but, in the other cells the rigid case presses has to press the electrodes and the separator onto each other.

The Lipo is very light weight since there is no cell casing for the metal battery and it is also well designed and shaped to suit the device that it is meant to power.  This light weight in turn gives a better functioning to the Lipo batteries since the density of energy is more than 20% higher in comparison to the regular battery.

The lipo battery would be the ideal choice for anyone who is a budget conscious and a perfectionist in mechanism.  Surely this choice would bring out an excellent flying experience with no regrets.