3.7V High Rate Discharge Lithium Ion Battery

More and more customers hope that the high-rate 18650 lithium batteries have higher capacity and higher current for their new Designs and applications, such as e-cigarettes, power tools, flashlights, medical equipment, hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, Segways, mopeds, power banks, solar cells, and electric motorcycles.

About High Rate Li-ion Battery 18650

At the end of 2020, we developed the high-rate lithium-ion battery 18650 with low internal resistance and fast charge and discharge. They have higher energy density and higher discharge current than standard high-rate 18650 lithium batteries: high-rate 18650 lithium battery, discharge current 30A, high capacity 3500mAh (10A).

At the same time, this high discharge rate LPH18650 series battery needs to meet stringent requirements such as 3-5C fast charging, high and low temperature cycle stability, and low self-discharge. These performance improvements also provide the possibility for lithium-ion batteries to be used in higher-power application scenarios, such as car start-stop power supplies that require instantaneous high-current charge and discharge, small size, and flexible shape design.

We have made a breakthrough in the direction of 30A high magnification. Its high-rate discharge lithium-ion battery 18650 series products solve the problem of short life and temperature rise of 30A continuous discharge. Short-duration pulses can easily carry currents above 100A, achieving stable power supply in batches. After testing, our 30A 18650 lithium-ion battery can still reach more than 80% after 500 cycles of charge and discharge. At the same time, our 30A products also have excellent results in low-temperature performance tests. It has good low-temperature cycle performance, ensuring the safety of use in low-temperature environments, and can better meet the needs of customers in extreme environments.

High Discharge Rate Li-ion Battery 18650 Advantages

High rate LP18650 lithium battery operating temperature

If the High rate LP18650 lithium battery continues to reach high temperatures and become hot, it indicates that the 18650 lithium ion battery’s thrust is too large. The high rate LP18650 lithium battery that continues to rise above 45C will certainly age faster than cool batteries. They can also be dangerous because high-temperature lithium-ion batteries greatly increase the possibility of venting and/or bursting. It would be best if you considered choosing the High rate LP18650 lithium battery with a higher rating.

High safety standards for high rate LP18650 lithium battery

All our high rate LP18650 lithium battery are manufactured following the high safety standards of CE, CB, UL, IEC62133, UN38.3, FCC, and KC certificate.

High rate LP18650 lithium battery discharge and charge

To make the high rate LP18650 lithium battery have the longest service life, it is recommended to keep it in the range of 3.0V-4.0V. This trip does require some effort because most 18650 lithium-ion batteries discharge to 2.5V before they need to be charged and can be fully charged to 4.2V. The logic behind this is that when you push the unit to its extreme function, it will put pressure on the battery. In the test, a battery kept within this range will have twice the expected life.

Advantages of choosing the high rate LP18650 lithium battery

The high rate LP18650 lithium battery has the characteristics of long cycle life. After 500 cycles, the capacity of the high rate LP18650 lithium battery is higher than 80%. The total battery life is 1000+; We use improved technology to select the cathode’s best material to increase the density. Yes, the high rate LP18650 lithium battery has a higher capacity; we use Seiko IC, MOS, NTC, and PTC for a single high rate LP18650 lithium battery. The battery and the high rate LP18650 lithium battery pack are designed with different protection circuits; we can add custom lengths and wire diameters for the high rate LP18650 lithium battery.

High rate LP18650 lithium battery continuous current

Before choosing the highest rated battery for your device, you need to know the continuous current you want to power it. If the rated current of the battery you choose is less than the required current, you will find that the battery is overheated because its working capacity exceeds its capacity.

The high rate LP18650 lithium battery consumes more power.

The new high rate LP18650 lithium battery series have higher discharge current rates of 5A, 10A, 20A, and 30A. Besides, we can also add JST, Molex, and Hirose’s most popular connectors to the high rate LP18650 lithium battery, easily connecting the high rate LP18650 lithium battery to the customer’s application.

How to store the high rate LP18650 lithium battery

When using, handling, and/or storing lithium-ion batteries, many safety precautions should always be taken to take full advantage of the high rate LP18650 lithium battery’s service life. The high rate LP18650 lithium battery will accelerate aging below 0C or above 45C. If the battery is running at a high temperature, it will definitely cause the battery to age prematurely. And continuous filling will put pressure on the high rate LP18650 lithium battery.

High Discharge Rate Li-ion Battery 18650 Lists

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