High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery LPHD7430085 3.7V 2000mAh 7.4Wh with protection circuit and wires 70mm and 10K NTC and Molex 43645-0300

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd uses its unique manufacturing platform to produce high discharge rate lipo batteries and designs for various applications. This High C Discharge LiPo Battery LPHD7430085 3.7V 2000mAh 7.4Wh size is 7.4mm x 30mm x 86mm; it with a protection circuit module and wires 70mm and 10K NTC and Molex 43645-0300. The MOQ is 5 pieces with a one-week lead-time to ship when the 2000mAh High Rate LiPo Battery is in stock. The lead time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new production LiPo Batteries. Also, we provide customized services, you can custom your rechargeable high discharge LiPo Battery in any shape and size.
LiPo Battery C rating measures the lipo battery’s discharge rate without damaging the battery or causing a significant voltage drop. It refers to the maximum discharge rate the battery can handle concerning its capacity. For example, a LiPo battery with a capacity of 2000mAh and a C rating of 40C can sustain a continuous discharge current of 40 times its capacity, or 40 x 2000mAh = 80,000mA (or 80A).

High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery LPHD7430085 3.7V 2000mAh 7.4Wh

Battery Type:High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery
Model:LPHD7430085, 7430085
Nominal Voltage:3.7V
Size:7.4mm x 30.0mm x 86.0mm
Protection circuit module(PCM):Yes
Thermistor(NTC):10K NTC
Connector:Molex 43645-0300
Wat-Hou Rating:7.4Wh
Max. Operating Voltage Range:2.75V to 4.2V
Max. Charge Voltage:4.2V±50mV
Max. Charge Current:2000mA
Max. Discharge Current:5000mA
Discharge Cut-off2.75V
Internal Impedance:<200mΩ
Expected Cycle Life @(0.5C/0.5C)@23±5°C)300 cycles ≥ 80%

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High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery LPHD7430085 3.7V 2000mAh 7.4Wh with protection circuit and wires 70mm and 10K NTC and Molex 43645-0300

We are the best China lipo battery factory. For over twenty years, we have produced and sold rechargeable certified lipo batteries. We provide many lipo battery samples and mass production, affordable prices, and high-quality service. We are very flexible regarding our customers’ requirements, including customized battery service.

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The LPHD7430085 3.7V 2000mAh 7.4Wh is one of our popular rechargeable LiPo batteries. Buy some batteries for prototyping. Our MOQ is only 5 pieces, and it is friendly to small companies. Our rechargeable LiPo Battery has a protection circuit module(PCM) and two standard 50mm wires. It’s possible to add NTC; our NTC spec is 10KΩ 1% +25C B3380. If you need connectors, it’s also possible. You can click the below link to choose the JST/Molex connectors.

What’s Connectors of the LiPo Battery?

40C High Rate Rechargeable LiPo Battery List

ModelCapacityC RateT*W*L(mm)Voltage(V)
LPHD4020030150 mAh40C4 x 20 x 303.7V
LPHD7520030250 mAh40C7.5 x 20 x 303.7V
LPHD8020030300 mAh40C8 x 20 x 303.7V
LPHD5030048500 mAh40C5 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD7630048800 mAh40C7.6 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD5035062850 mAh40C5 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD62350621000 mAh40C6.2 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD65340621000 mAh40C6.5 x 34 x 623.7V
LPHD51340801200 mAh40C5.1 x 34 x 803.7V
LPHD35570801300 mAh40C3.5 x 57 x 803.7V
LPHD60340801300 mAh40C6 x 34 x 803.7V
LPHD79350621300 mAh40C7.9 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD80350621300 mAh40C8 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD83340621300 mAh40C8.3 x 34 x 623.7V
LPHD55340961400 mAh40C5.5 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD60600601600 mAh40C6 x 60 x 603.7V
LPHD52430832000 mAh40C5.2 x 43 x 833.7V
LPHD55430832000 mAh40C5.5 x 43 x 833.7V
LPHD86340962200 mAh40C8.6 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD48431252400 mAh40C4.8 x 43 x 1253.7V
LPHD56421262400 mAh40C5.6 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD60600802500 mAh40C6 x 60 x 803.7V
LPHD70550852900 mAh40C7 x 55 x 853.7V
LPHD80430832900 mAh40C8 x 43 x 833.7V
LPHD55431253000 mAh40C5.5 x 43 x 1253.7V
LPHD80430833200 mAh40C8 x 43 x 833.7V
LPHD10430833600 mAh40C10 x 43 x 833.7V
LPHD75431253700 mAh40C7.5 x 43 x 1253.7V
LPHD10430953900 mAh40C10 x 43 x 953.7V
LPHD90421254000 mAh40C9 x 42 x 1253.7V
LPHD92421254000 mAh40C9.2 x 42 x 1253.7V
LPHD82431504300 mAh40C8.2 x 43 x 1503.7V
LPHDA5421264700 mAh40C10.5 x 42 x 1263.7V