15C High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery 

High C Rate Discharge LiPo Battery List

3.7V Prismatic Cell 5C, 10C, 15C, 20C, 25C, 30C, 35C, 40C, 50C

15C High Rate Discharge LiPo Battery

High-rate discharge LiPo batteries are specifically designed for applications that demand a high power output within short periods. Batteries with these ratings are suitable for light applications requiring modest discharge rates. They balance density and discharge rate well, ideal for portable electronics and some low-demand RC models.

High Rate Discharge LiPo batteries are essential for modern applications requiring high power in compact forms, providing significant advantages in terms of performance, response time, and safety for demanding environments.
By carefully selecting and maintaining high rate discharge LiPo batteries, you can maximize their performance and lifespan, ensuring your device operates at peak efficiency safely and reliably.

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High Rate Discharge LiPo Battery key features

  • Stable operating voltage of 3.7V
  • Higher discharge rate for device
  • Outstanding discharge rate with lithium Ion battery
  • Huge capacity can support to motor and other power device
  • High energy desity for your choose
  • Good performance and long cycly life
  • Safety and friendly

How to Select High Rate Discharge LiPo Batteries

Determine the Required Discharge Rate (C-Rating):

Assess your device’s or application’s needs. The discharge rate you require will depend on how much current your device draws during operation. For instance, high-performance drones or RC cars often need batteries with higher C-ratings (30C or above) to perform optimally.

Calculate the Required Capacity:

Consider how long you need the battery to last before recharging. Battery capacity, measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), determines the energy storage capacity. Select a battery with a capacity that meets your usage duration while also considering your device’s size and weight constraints.

Check the Voltage Requirements:

Ensure the battery’s voltage matches your device’s requirements. The total voltage is determined by the number of cells in series within the battery (e.g., 3.7V per cell in LiPo batteries).

Size and Weight Considerations:

Make sure the battery’s physical dimensions fit within your device without adding unnecessary bulk or weight, which can affect performance, especially in portable or aerial applications.

Connector Type:

Verify that the battery’s connector type matches your device or is adaptable. Standard connectors include JST, XT60, and Dean connectors. Mismatches can lead to poor connections or the need for adapters, which might affect performance.

Quality and Safety Features:

Opt for batteries with built-in safety features, such as a protection circuit module (PCM), to prevent overcharging, deep discharging, and overheating. Choose reputable brands and suppliers to ensure quality and reliability.

How to Store High Rate Discharge LiPo Batteries

Storage Voltage:

Store LiPo batteries at a safe voltage, typically around 3.8V per cell, which is often considered the optimal storage voltage to maintain battery health. Avoid storing batteries fully charged or fully depleted.

Temperature Controlled Environment:

Store batteries in a cool, dry place, avoiding extreme temperatures. High temperatures can accelerate degradation, while cold temperatures can reduce performance temporarily.

Use a Fireproof Storage Bag:

LiPo batteries can pose fire risks if damaged or improperly handled. Store them in fireproof bags specifically designed for LiPo batteries as an added safety measure.

Regular Checks:

Periodically check the batteries for signs of damage such as swelling, punctures, or a broken casing. Also, check the voltage using a battery checker to ensure they are not discharging on their own over time.

Proper Charging Practices:

Use a LiPo-compatible charger and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging settings. Always balance-charge the batteries to ensure all cells have equal charge levels, extending the life and performance of the battery.

Avoid Deep Discharge:

Do not deplete a LiPo battery below the minimum voltage threshold (usually about 3.0V to 3.2V per cell) during use, as this can irreversibly damage the battery.

High C Rate Discharge LiPo Battery Applications

15C High Rate Discharge LiPo Battery List

ModelCapacityT*W*L(mm)C RateVoltage(V)
LPHD251201820 mAh18 x 12 x 2.515C3,7V
LPHD471501970 mAh19 x 15 x 4.715C3,7V
LPHD421003580 mAh35 x 10 x 4.215C3,7V
LPHD5511030110 mAh30 x 11 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD5011040120 mAh40 x 11 x 5.015C3,7V
LPHD5011040120 mAh40 x 11 x 5.015C3,7V
LPHD5811030120 mAh30 x 11 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD5811030120 mAh30 x 11 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD8015019120 mAh19 x 15 x 8.015C3,7V
LPHD3617045150 mAh45 x 17 x 3.615C3,7V
LPHD6517023150 mAh23 x 17 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD4014035160 mAh35 x 14 x 4.015C3,7V
LPHD4019035160 mAh35 x 19 x 4.015C3,7V
LPHD6011040160 mAh40 x 11 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD6517026180 mAh26 x 17 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD7217023180 mAh23 x 17 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD7217023180 mAh23 x 17 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD4019040200 mAh40 x 19 x 4.015C3,7V
LPHD6820025200 mAh25 x 20 x 6.815C3,7V
LPHD7517023200 mAh23 x 17 x 7.515C3,7V
LPHD5320030210 mAh30 x 20 x 5.315C3,7V
LPHD7020025220 mAh25 x 20 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD4725030230 mAh30 x 25 x 4.715C3,7V
LPHD5816040240 mAh40 x 16 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD4519045250 mAh45 x 19 x 4.515C3,7V
LPHD5412050250 mAh50 x 12 x 5.415C3,7V
LPHD6520030250 mAh30 x 20 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD6520030270 mAh30 x 20 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD6016040280 mAh40 x 16 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD6516040280 mAh40 x 16 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD6820030280 mAh30 x 20 x 6.815C3,7V
LPHD4719050300 mAh50 x 19 x 4.715C3,7V
LPHD6225030300 mAh30 x 25 x 6.215C3,7V
LPHD4719055350 mAh55 x 19 x 4.715C3,7V
LPHD7020035350 mAh35 x 20 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD7820030350 mAh30 x 20 x 7.815C3,7V
LPHD7820030350 mAh30 x 20 x 7.815C3,7V
LPHD8020030350 mAh30 x 20 x 8.015C3,7V
LPHD7519035380 mAh35 x 19 x 7.515C3,7V
LPHD6016062430 mAh62 x 16 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD6431026430 mAh26 x 31 x 6.415C3,7V
LPHD4030048450 mAh48 x 30 x 4.015C3,7V
LPHD6024042450 mAh42 x 24 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD6024042450 mAh42 x 24 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD8125030450 mAh30 x 25 x 8.115C3,7V
LPHD8225030450 mAh30 x 25 x 8.215C3,7V
LPHD4430048480 mAh48 x 30 x 4.415C3,7V
LPHD5517068500 mAh68 x 17 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD6024042500 mAh42 x 24 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD7518055500 mAh55 x 18 x 7.515C3,7V
LPHD7324037520 mAh37 x 24 x 7.315C3,7V
LPHD7424037520 mAh37 x 24 x 7.415C3,7V
LPHD6819055550 mAh55 x 19 x 6.815C3,7V
LPHD5330048600 mAh48 x 30 x 5.315C3,7V
LPHD5530046600 mAh46 x 30 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD5530048600 mAh48 x 30 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD5817073600 mAh73 x 17 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD7018055600 mAh55 x 18 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD7216062600 mAh62 x 16 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD8024037600 mAh37 x 24 x 8.015C3,7V
LPHD5630048630 mAh48 x 30 x 5.615C3,7V
LPHD5017095650 mAh95 x 17 x 5.015C3,7V
LPHD5830048650 mAh48 x 30 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD5930048650 mAh48 x 30 x 5.915C3,7V
LPHD6330048650 mAh48 x 30 x 6.315C3,7V
LPHD6530040650 mAh40 x 30 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD6530048650 mAh48 x 30 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD6230048700 mAh48 x 30 x 6.215C3,7V
LPHD9025040700 mAh40 x 25 x 9.015C3,7V
LPHD5830048770 mAh48 x 30 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD6524056770 mAh56 x 24 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD4520122800 mAh122 x 20 x 4.515C3,7V
LPHD5240044800 mAh44 x 40 x 5.215C3,7V
LPHD6830048800 mAh48 x 30 x 6.815C3,7V
LPHD7030048800 mAh48 x 30 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD7030048800 mAh48 x 30 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD7030048800 mAh48 x 30 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD7030048800 mAh48 x 30 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD8924042800 mAh42 x 24 x 8.915C3,7V
LPHD6424064830 mAh64 x 24 x 6.415C3,7V
LPHD4835062850 mAh62 x 35 x 4.815C3,7V
LPHD5020100850 mAh100 x 20 x 5.015C3,7V
LPHD5519096850 mAh96 x 19 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD7228048850 mAh48 x 28 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD7230048850 mAh48 x 30 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD7330048850 mAh48 x 30 x 7.315C3,7V
LPHD5335062900 mAh62 x 35 x 5.315C3,7V
LPHD6424064900 mAh64 x 24 x 6.415C3,7V
LPHD5519096950 mAh96 x 19 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD5520100950 mAh100 x 20 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD5530060950 mAh60 x 30 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD52350621000 mAh62 x 35 x 5.215C3,7V
LPHD53350621000 mAh62 x 35 x 5.315C3,7V
LPHD55350621000 mAh62 x 35 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD57350621000 mAh62 x 35 x 5.715C3,7V
LPHD65300601000 mAh60 x 30 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD66300601000 mAh60 x 30 x 6.615C3,7V
LPHD69340501000 mAh50 x 34 x 6.915C3,7V
LPHD73340501000 mAh50 x 34 x 7.315C3,7V
LPHD82300481000 mAh48 x 30 x 8.215C3,7V
LPHD83300481000 mAh48 x 30 x 8.315C3,7V
LPHD70190881050 mAh88 x 19 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD55201221080 mAh122 x 20 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD60240861080 mAh86 x 24 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD40340961100 mAh96 x 34 x 4.015C3,7V
LPHD56201221100 mAh122 x 20 x 5.615C3,7V
LPHD58201221100 mAh122 x 20 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD64190961100 mAh96 x 19 x 6.415C3,7V
LPHD70190961100 mAh96 x 19 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD88300481100 mAh48 x 30 x 8.815C3,7V
LPHD89300481100 mAh48 x 30 x 8.915C3,7V
LPHD90300481100 mAh48 x 30 x 9.015C3,7V
LPHD93300481100 mAh48 x 30 x 9.315C3,7V
LPHD95300481100 mAh48 x 30 x 9.515C3,7V
LPHD95300481100 mAh48 x 30 x 9.515C3,7V
LPHD52440601200 mAh60 x 44 x 5.215C3,7V
LPHD55201221200 mAh122 x 20 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD55300851200 mAh85 x 30 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD55300851200 mAh85 x 30 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD61340601200 mAh60 x 34 x 6.115C3,7V
LPHD74300601200 mAh60 x 30 x 7.415C3,7V
LPHD66350621250 mAh62 x 35 x 6.615C3,7V
LPHD69350621250 mAh62 x 35 x 6.915C3,7V
LPHD48191601300 mAh160 x 19 x 4.815C3,7V
LPHD50191601300 mAh160 x 19 x 5.015C3,7V
LPHD55171701300 mAh170 x 17 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD60300851300 mAh85 x 30 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD62201201300 mAh120 x 20 x 6.215C3,7V
LPHD70350621300 mAh62 x 35 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD70350621300 mAh62 x 35 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD60201221350 mAh122 x 20 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD82190961350 mAh96 x 19 x 8.215C3,7V
LPHD55191601400 mAh160 x 19 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD60201301400 mAh130 x 20 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD68350621400 mAh62 x 35 x 6.815C3,7V
LPHD68360581400 mAh58 x 36 x 6.815C3,7V
LPHD69360581400 mAh58 x 36 x 6.915C3,7V
LPHD72340601400 mAh60 x 34 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD70260891450 mAh89 x 26 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD75350621450 mAh62 x 35 x 7.515C3,7V
LPHD50341001500 mAh100 x 34 x 5.015C3,7V
LPHD50341001500 mAh100 x 34 x 5.015C3,7V
LPHD52340961500 mAh96 x 34 x 5.215C3,7V
LPHD53340961500 mAh96 x 34 x 5.315C3,7V
LPHD55340961500 mAh96 x 34 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD55540531500 mAh53 x 54 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD66260891500 mAh89 x 26 x 6.615C3,7V
LPHD76300801500 mAh80 x 30 x 7.615C3,7V
LPHD80350621500 mAh62 x 35 x 8.015C3,7V
LPHD75350621550 mAh62 x 35 x 7.515C3,7V
LPHD70320711600 mAh71 x 32 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD72300821600 mAh82 x 30 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD56340961700 mAh96 x 34 x 5.615C3,7V
LPHD67470521700 mAh52 x 47 x 6.715C3,7V
LPHD70340801700 mAh80 x 34 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD75300851750 mAh85 x 30 x 7.515C3,7V
LPHD60340961800 mAh96 x 34 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD60340961800 mAh96 x 34 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD65320961800 mAh96 x 32 x 6.515C3,7V
LPHD67330881800 mAh88 x 33 x 6.715C3,7V
LPHD82300821800 mAh82 x 30 x 8.215C3,7V
LPHD85300801800 mAh80 x 30 x 8.515C3,7V
LPHD72430581850 mAh58 x 43 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD56420801900 mAh80 x 42 x 5.615C3,7V
LPHD57430801930 mAh80 x 43 x 5.715C3,7V
LPHD57420801950 mAh80 x 42 x 5.715C3,7V
LPHD67330881950 mAh88 x 33 x 6.715C3,7V
LPHD79340761950 mAh76 x 34 x 7.915C3,7V
LPHD52420852000 mAh85 x 42 x 5.215C3,7V
LPHD58490732000 mAh73 x 49 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD60500602000 mAh60 x 50 x 6.015C3,7V
LPHD70440682000 mAh68 x 44 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD78340762000 mAh76 x 34 x 7.815C3,7V
LPHD80420692000 mAh69 x 42 x 8.015C3,7V
LPHD67340962100 mAh96 x 34 x 6.715C3,7V
LPHD57420832150 mAh83 x 42 x 5.715C3,7V
LPHD57420852150 mAh85 x 42 x 5.715C3,7V
LPHD72340962200 mAh96 x 34 x 7.215C3,7V
LPHD78340962400 mAh96 x 34 x 7.815C3,7V
LPHDA0340762400 mAh76 x 34 x 10.015C3,7V
LPHD58451002500 mAh100 x 45 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD77341002500 mAh100 x 34 x 7.715C3,7V
LPHD86420702500 mAh70 x 42 x 8.615C3,7V
LPHD70341062600 mAh106 x 34 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHDC0440482600 mAh48 x 44 x 1215C3,7V
LPHD53421242700 mAh124 x 42 x 5.315C3,7V
LPHD85340962700 mAh96 x 34 x 8.515C3,7V
LPHD55640792800 mAh79 x 64 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD58361282800 mAh128 x 36 x 5.815C3,7V
LPHD80341062800 mAh106 x 34 x 8.015C3,7V
LPHDB0340802800 mAh80 x 34 x 1115C3,7V
LPHD55421262850 mAh126 x 42 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD54421262900 mAh126 x 42 x 5.415C3,7V
LPHD55421262900 mAh126 x 42 x 5.515C3,7V
LPHD56421263000 mAh126 x 42 x 5.615C3,7V
LPHD73341223000 mAh122 x 34 x 7.315C3,7V
LPHD78341253000 mAh125 x 34 x 7.815C3,7V
LPHD95300903000 mAh90 x 30 x 9.515C3,7V
LPHD48491353200 mAh135 x 49 x 4.815C3,7V
LPHD56451353300 mAh135 x 45 x 5.615C3,7V
LPHD64421263300 mAh126 x 42 x 6.415C3,7V
LPHD86321183400 mAh118 x 32 x 8.615C3,7V
LPHD70421263700 mAh126 x 42 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHD73361283700 mAh128 x 36 x 7.315C3,7V
LPHD68431283800 mAh128 x 43 x 6.815C3,7V
LPHD70421263900 mAh126 x 42 x 7.015C3,7V
LPHDB0410803900 mAh80 x 41 x 11.015C3,7V
LPHD50831064000 mAh106 x 83 x 5.015C3,7V
LPHD73421264100 mAh126 x 42 x 7.315C3,7V
LPHD79431284200 mAh128 x 43 x 7.915C3,7V
LPHD80421264200 mAh126 x 42 x 8.015C3,7V
LPHD89361284200 mAh128 x 36 x 8.915C3,7V
LPHDA8410804200 mAh80 x 41 x 10.815C3,7V
LPHD64451504500 mAh150 x 45 x 6.415C3,7V
LPHD76421264500 mAh126 x 42 x 7.615C3,7V
LPHD85421264500 mAh126 x 42 x 8.515C3,7V
LPHD92361284750 mAh128 x 36 x 9.215C3,7V
LPHD86421265000 mAh126 x 42 x 8.615C3,7V
LPHD68521355200 mAh135 x 52 x 6.815C3,7V
LPHD85421265200 mAh126 x 42 x 8.515C3,7V
LPHDA1421265600 mAh126 x 42 x 10.115C3,7V
LPHDA5431285600 mAh128 x 43 x 10.515C3,7V
LPHDA9640795600 mAh79 x 64 x 10.915C3,7V
LPHDA6640795700 mAh79 x 64 x 10.615C3,7V
LPHD95451355800 mAh135 x 45 x 9.515C3,7V
LPHD96451355800 mAh135 x 45 x 9.615C3,7V
LPHD77441755900 mAh175 x 44 x 7.715C3,7V
LPHD77481506000 mAh150 x 48 x 7.715C3,7V
LPHD81481506000 mAh150 x 48 x 8.115C3,7V
LPHD82481506000 mAh150 x 48 x 8.215C3,7V
LPHDA0421256000 mAh125 x 42 x 1015C3,7V
LPHDB0421266000 mAh126 x 42 x 11.015C3,7V
LPHDB0421266000 mAh126 x 42 x 11.015C3,7V
LPHD93451356100 mAh135 x 45 x 9.315C3,7V
LPHD94451356100 mAh135 x 45 x 9.415C3,7V
LPHD99820736100 mAh73 x 82 x 9.915C3,7V
LPHDA0451356100 mAh135 x 45 x 10.015C3,7V
LPHDA2451356100 mAh135 x 45 x 10.215C3,7V
LPHDA3421266100 mAh126 x 42 x 10.315C3,7V
LPHD95561176300 mAh117 x 56 x 9.515C3,7V
LPHDA0461156300 mAh115 x 46 x 1015C3,7V
LPHDA7421266300 mAh126 x 42 x 10.715C3,7V
LPHDA8421266300 mAh126 x 42 x 10.815C3,7V
LPHDA9421266300 mAh126 x 42 x 10.915C3,7V
LPHDB0421266300 mAh126 x 42 x 11.015C3,7V
LPHDB1421266300 mAh126 x 42 x 11.115C3,7V
LPHDA6431266350 mAh126 x 43 x 10.615C3,7V
LPHDA7431266350 mAh126 x 43 x 10.715C3,7V
LPHDA9431266350 mAh126 x 43 x 10.915C3,7V
LPHDA9421266500 mAh126 x 42 x 10.915C3,7V
LPHDA5421266600 mAh126 x 42 x 10.515C3,7V
LPHDA6421266600 mAh126 x 42 x 10.615C3,7V
LPHDA7421266600 mAh126 x 42 x 10.715C3,7V
LPHDA8421266600 mAh126 x 42 x 10.815C3,7V
LPHDB0421266600 mAh126 x 42 x 11.015C3,7V
LPHDB0421266950 mAh126 x 42 x 11.015C3,7V
LPHD76581507000 mAh150 x 58 x 7.615C3,7V
LPHD78581507000 mAh150 x 58 x 7.815C3,7V
LPHD83631357000 mAh135 x 63 x 8.315C3,7V
LPHDB0431277000 mAh127 x 43 x 11.015C3,7V
LPHD83581507500 mAh150 x 58 x 8.315C3,7V
LPHD83631247500 mAh124 x 63 x 8.315C3,7V
LPHD84631247500 mAh124 x 63 x 8.415C3,7V
LPHD85631247500 mAh124 x 63 x 8.515C3,7V
LPHD86631247500 mAh124 x 63 x 8.615C3,7V
LPHD87631247500 mAh124 x 63 x 8.715C3,7V
LPHD61751758000 mAh175 x 75 x 6.115C3,7V
LPHD76641558000 mAh155 x 64 x 7.615C3,7V
LPHD78641558000 mAh155 x 64 x 7.815C3,7V
LPHD98900928000 mAh92 x 90 x 9.815C3,7V
LPHDA1900928000 mAh92 x 90 x 10.115C3,7V
LPHD738515510000 mAh155 x 85 x 7.315C3,7V
LPHD886415910000 mAh159 x 64 x 8.815C3,7V
LPHD956415910000 mAh159 x 64 x 9.515C3,7V
LPHD956415910000 mAh159 x 64 x 9.515C3,7V
LPHD966415510000 mAh155 x 64 x 9.615C3,7V
LPHD976415510000 mAh155 x 64 x 9.715C3,7V
LPHD976415910000 mAh159 x 64 x 9.715C3,7V
LPHD986415510000 mAh155 x 64 x 9.815C3,7V
LPHD986415910000 mAh159 x 64 x 9.815C3,7V
LPHD829812510500 mAh125 x 98 x 8.215C3,7V
LPHD758518612500 mAh186 x 85 x 7.515C3,7V
LPHD768518612500 mAh186 x 85 x 7.615C3,7V
LPHD778518612500 mAh186 x 85 x 7.715C3,7V
LPHD788518612500 mAh186 x 85 x 7.815C3,7V
LPHD896721713900 mAh217 x 67 x 8.915C3,7V
LPHD896722014000 mAh220 x 67 x 8.915C3,7V
LPHDA37517515000 mAh175 x 75 x 10.315C3,7V
LPHDA37517515000 mAh175 x 75 x 10.315C3,7V
LPHDA47517515000 mAh175 x 75 x 10.415C3,7V
LPHDA47517515000 mAh175 x 75 x 10.415C3,7V
LPHDA47517515000 mAh175 x 75 x 10.415C3,7V
LPHDA57517515000 mAh175 x 75 x 10.515C3,7V
LPHDA57517515000 mAh175 x 75 x 10.515C3,7V
LPHDA77517515000 mAh175 x 75 x 10.715C3,7V
LPHDA88515516800 mAh155 x 85 x 10.815C3,7V
LPHDC09019022000 mAh190 x 90 x 1215C3,7V