Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3.7V 3200mAh 11.84Wh with PCM and 10K NTC wires 50mm and Molex 51021-0300

Choose a standard lithium-ion 18650 battery, a quantity discount, and small order acceptance. Inquire now. This Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3.7V 3200mAh 11.84Wh size is 18.2mm x 65mm, with a protection circuit and 10K NTC wires 50mm and Molex 51021-0300. The MOQ is 5 pieces with a one-week lead-time to ship when the Li-ion Battery is in stock. The lead time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new production Li-ion Batteries. Also, we provide customized services so that you can customize your rechargeable Li-ion Battery to any shape and size.

If you can’t find suitable batteries in our existing lipo battery lists, consider customizing a new one. We are a China lipo battery factory. We provide custom battery service and have 20 years of production experience in lipo batteries. Trust LiPol Battery Co., Ltd; we will offer you the perfect li ion batteries. If you want to customize a LiPo Battery, please contact us for battery solutions. Contact us through the sidebar contact form.

LiPo Battery LP18650A+ 3200mAh Specifications

Battery type3.7v li ion battery
Size18.2 x 65mm
Capacity3200mAh, 11.84Wh
Protection circuit module(PCM)Yes
Thermistor(NTC)10K NTC
ConnectorMolex 51021-0300
Max Charge Current1600mA
Max Discharge Current3200mA
Expected Cycle Life500 cycles

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LiPo Battery LP18650A+ 3.7V 3200mAh 11.84Wh with PCM, 10K NTC wires 50mm and Molex 51021-0300

We are the best China lipo battery factory. For over twenty years, we have produced and sold rechargeable certified lipo batteries. We provide many lipo battery samples and mass production, affordable prices, and high-quality service. We are very flexible regarding our customers’ requirements, including customized battery service.

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The LP18650A+ 3.7V 3200mAh 11.84Wh is one of our popular rechargeable LiPo batteries. Buy some batteries for prototyping. Our MOQ is only 5 pieces, and it is friendly to small companies. Our rechargeable LiPo Battery has a protection circuit module(PCM) and two standard 50mm wires. It’s possible to add NTC; our NTC spec is 10KΩ 1% +25C B3380. If you need connectors, it’s also possible. You can click the below link to choose the JST/Molex connectors.

What’s Connectors of the LiPo Battery?

Rechargeable Li-ion LiPo Battery List

LP18650D 2P3.7440019*37*70
LP18650C 2P3.7520019*37*70
LP18650B 2P3.7560019*37*70
LP18650A 2P3.7640019*37*70
LP18650S 2P3.7670019*37*70
LP18650A+ 2P3.7700019*37*70
LP18650D 3P3.7660019*56*70
LP18650C 3P3.7780019*56*70
LP18650B 3P3.7840019*56*70
LP18650A 3P3.7960019*56*70
LP18650S 3P3.71005019*56*70
LP18650A+ 3P3.71050019*56*70
LP18650D 2S7.4220019*37*70
LP18650C 2S7.4260019*37*70
LP18650B 2S7.4280019*37*70
LP18650A 2S7.4320019*37*70
LP18650S 2S7.4335019*37*70
LP18650A+ 2S7.4350019*37*70
LP18650D 3S11.1220019*56*70
LP18650C 3S11.1260019*56*70
LP18650B 3S11.1280019*56*70
LP18650A 3S11.1320019*56*70
LP18650S 3S11.1335019*56*70
LP18650A+ 3S11.1350019*56*70