Power Your Wellness Journey with the 2500mAh 18650 Lithium-ion Battery for Muscle Massagers

Maintaining personal wellness can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world, but with the right tools, it’s entirely possible. One indispensable tool is the Muscle Massager, powered by a robust 2500mAh 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This high-capacity battery is at the heart of the device, ensuring that you can rejuvenate your muscles and combat cellulite effectively at your convenience.

Invest in a Muscle Massager powered by the reliable 2500mAh 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable cell, and confidently take control of your wellness journey. With its robust power, quick charging, and extended run time, this battery is not just a component—it’s the backbone of your muscle recovery and relaxation routine. Say goodbye to frequent charges and hello to continuous, unwavering power at your fingertips.

Weight Loss and Muscle Relaxation Massager Specifications

  • 20W 48mm Brushless Motor
  • 45Db Noise Level
  • 1-5 Adjustable Speeds
  • 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2500 Rotation Speeds
  • 2500mAh 18650 Lithium-ion Battery
  • 2-5 hours battery life
  • Type-C Charging
  • ABS Material

Long-Lasting Power for Extended Comfort

The 2500mAh 18650 Lithium-ion battery is specifically designed to meet the demands of high-performance devices like muscle massagers. With a capacity to power through 2 to 5 hours of continuous use, this battery allows you to enjoy prolonged massage sessions without frequent recharges. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or seeking a quick muscle recovery post-workout, this battery ensures your massager is always ready.

Quick Charging Capability

Time is of the essence, and with the fast charging feature supported by the Type-C charging system, the 18650 2500mAh battery can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours. This means more time using your massager and less time tethered to a charging cable, enhancing your experience with greater flexibility and efficiency.

Reliable Performance in a Compact Package

Despite its powerful output, the 18650 2500mAh battery maintains a compact form, making it an ideal fit for portable devices like muscle massagers. This ensures that your wellness tool is practical, portable, and easy to handle, providing you with comfort during use without the bulk.

Empower Your Wellness Routine

The Muscle Massager equipped with this high-capacity lithium-ion battery offers adjustable settings and interchangeable heads to cater to various massage needs—from deep tissue targeting with the Sphere Head to gentle waves with the Wave Head. Customize your massage intensity from 1200 to 2500 RPM to match your relaxation needs and enjoy a versatile, all-around muscle care experience.

Sustainable and Safe

Safety is paramount in any device, and the 2500mAh 18650 Lithium-ion battery comes with built-in protections to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and overheating. This not only extends the life of the battery but also ensures your safety while using the battery.

2500mAh 18650 Lithium-ion Battery Details

Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 2500mAh
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

18.5mm x 65mm
Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current

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The Applications of the 18650 Li-ion Battery

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery List

LP18650D 2P3.7440019*37*70
LP18650C 2P3.7520019*37*70
LP18650B 2P3.7560019*37*70
LP18650A 2P3.7640019*37*70
LP18650S 2P3.7670019*37*70
LP18650A+ 2P3.7700019*37*70
LP18650D 3P3.7660019*56*70
LP18650C 3P3.7780019*56*70
LP18650B 3P3.7840019*56*70
LP18650A 3P3.7960019*56*70
LP18650S 3P3.71005019*56*70
LP18650A+ 3P3.71050019*56*70
LP18650D 2S7.4220019*37*70
LP18650C 2S7.4260019*37*70
LP18650B 2S7.4280019*37*70
LP18650A 2S7.4320019*37*70
LP18650S 2S7.4335019*37*70
LP18650A+ 2S7.4350019*37*70
LP18650D 3S11.1220019*56*70
LP18650C 3S11.1260019*56*70
LP18650B 3S11.1280019*56*70
LP18650A 3S11.1320019*56*70
LP18650S 3S11.1335019*56*70
LP18650A+ 3S11.1350019*56*70